Yasrebi group

Yasrebi Group

Yasrebi group is one of the largest international trading companies in Iran, specialized in the fields of food industries and agriculture, pharmaceutical, household appliances and carpet, packing, transportation, currency exchange & many other fields.

Yasrebi group is consisting of following registered groups & companies:

Haliloghlu Group Co. Turkey

T.N.M: Tejarat Nokhbeh Moheb Co. Iran

Lasonic Co. Iran

Darou Tejarat Co. Iran

G.P.S: Golpak Padideh Saman Co. Iran

Georgia Trading Co. Iran

Haliloglu Group


Haliloglu Group, started its activities in 1999. Study center in Gaziantep, Turkey.

Haliloglu Group provides logistics services in the packaging industry and PP (polypropylene) bags production and corrugated cardboard production. However, under the umbrella of Haliloglu Group, an ever increasing success of the brands of tea and a mineral oil is located.
Superior technology is used by six companies and over 1000 employees. Haliloglu Group, is moving towards becoming a regional leader.
The most important point for the service are the Haliloglu Group was founded on the principle of trust in the relationship with clients, tutabilmektir the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Tejarat Nokhbeh Moheb


Tejarat Nokhbeh Moheb is an oil industry and other industrial equipment supplier company, dedicated to provide quality products and services. Its major products include Switches – Compressors – Valves – tubes – proof equipment – Laboratory equipment – Analysis machines – Automation – Precise tools – etc.
This commitment requires us to continually seek ways to meet our customer’s requirement and exceed their expectations.

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Yasrebi Group